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Workspaces automate developer bootstrapping and allow teams to collaborate before code is merged.

The Codenvy Magic

At a Glance

Codenvy workspaces start with production runtimes defined by your existing Docker and Compose files.
Codenvy then configures the runtime so that devs can connect to it. Next, workspace agents inject root-privileged terminal, language services for auto-completion, and SSH access. Finally, a debugger is connected for code inspection.
Codenvy clones project source code into the workspace's runtime. Developers edit, save, build and debug their code as though it were local.
Workspaces launch the Eclipse Che browser IDE so a developer can code without installing tools. Or developers can use their desktop IDE with Codenvy's workspace sync.
Codenvy integrates with issue management, version control and continuous integration tools to generate ready-to-code workspaces with the right branch and runtime.
Share workspaces with your team or external users. Control permissions and resources for each developer.

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with 3GB RAM

More RAM

$10 GB month

Premium Support

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for 3 Developers

More Users

$20 user month

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Private Instance

Hosted & managed by us, connected to your systems

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Eclipse Che workspace server and browser IDE



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One-Click Developer Environments

Shared Features:

Create workspaces with production runtimes containing your projects and tools. Define single machine or multi-machine workspaces – even mirror production... read more.

Team Onboarding and Collaboration

Team & Enterprise Features:

Onboard teams with powerful collaboration, workspace automation, and permissions. Devs can use their local IDE or the gorgeous Eclipse Che cloud IDE... read more.

DevOps Workspace Platform

Enterprise Features:

Manage workspaces at scale with programmable and customizable infrastructure. Control system performance, availability, and functionality... read more.


Pricing FAQ

How can I purchase Codenvy?

Hosted Purchase additional RAM by adding your credit card to the user dashboard in the Billing section. Your card details are not saved in Codenvy and are securely sent to our payments processing partner.

How am I billed?

Hosted Paid subscriptions are charged to the credit card on file when they are purchased. Subscriptions auto-renew on the first of each month and are charged in advance.

How are users counted?

For licensing, a user equals a unique email address registered in the Codenvy database.

Does Codenvy offer discounts?

Unfortunately, our margins on our hosted cloud offering at are too low to allow us to offer discounts.

What's provided with managed Codenvy installs?

We host private Codenvy enterprise installations on a set of privately managed, memory-optimized nodes at your favorite cloud provider. Each block of users receives a dedicated node in your private Codenvy cluster. Each node has approximately 30 GB RAM, 80 GB disk, and 4 CPUs (this varies slightly by provider). We perform monthly upgrades of Codenvy and set up monitoring alerts to notify you of constraints with any resource. You have admin access to the deployment along with the ability to add your own Eclipse Che plugins. Contact us to discuss the best configuration for your team.

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